Why So Many Companies Choose TYT as Their SEO Provider

Ten Quick Reasons Why Companies Choose and Continue to Stick with Triple Your Traffic

#1: Proven Tested Formulas Only

We use proven time-tested formulas that get top positions in Google consistently. No theory, just real-world proven strategy to get to the top positions in Google resulting in making your cash register ring and business grow consistently.


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#2: Staying Ahead of Changes

As you know things are constantly changing with Google’s Algorithm, TYT stays up to date with the newest Google trends and consistently proactively predicts what Google will change and interrogates that into the process to keep rankings for the LONG TERM.

#3: Multiple First Page Rankings

We go far BEYOND just the #1 ranking, we get companies multiple spots on the first page for their target keywords which generates even more traffic resulting in even more sales.



#4: Client Profit is Our #1 Priority

Companies are investing in SEO to grow their businesses – we get that on a DEEP level. Other SEO companies talk about only traffic and rankings, here at TYT we talk about and focus on the company’s sales, revenue, and profit increase – and our entire team, projects, and processes are aligned to make that happen.

#5: Crystal Clear Communication

We take pride in not just timely communication, but crystal clear communication, listening, understanding, and explaining as needed every step of the way so you know what’s going on.

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#6: 100% Transparency

We explain exactly what and why we are doing what we do. We give our clients access to our unique software that generates daily ranking reports. On top of all that, we send out monthly reports (and LIVE reports) of key metrics, such as, target keyword, rankings, traffic, leads, sales, etc.

#7: Long Term Growth & Profit

Companies we work with not only see a big increase in their traffic quickly but by the way we rank them, those rankings and traffic stick around for years making SEO a great investment.


#8 Cost Effective

Our obsession to refine the ranking processes over the years, has lead us to making the ranking process so much more affordable and cost-effective over most other SEO companies.

#9: Live Reporting

Most SEO companies will give confusing reports after 30 days… we think that’s too long.  We report all the key metrics (rankings, traffic and conversions) real time.  We also report the work done which effects the key metrics – that way you are in the loop 100% of the time.



#10: Super Star Support

We understand that SEO can be complex especially if the company hasn’t been practicing for years like we have, that’s why we do our best to proactively explain what we are doing.  With that said, we are still here to answer any questions with specific detail any client has.

This all adds up to…

Quick & Long Term #1 Spots In Google Leading To More Traffic and Sales In An Affordable Way 

In summary, we stay up to date to ensure our proven strategies keep working and work better everyday so that we can be more efficient while you reap the rewards for faster and long term profits.

We are crystal clear in our communication, providing REAL TIME updates as well as monthly reports of key metrics and summary of work done.  

Feel free to browse our site (TYTSEO.COM) more, each page is loaded with value for you, so regardless of what SEO company you choose, or what route you take, after reading our site you will be much more knowledgeable about SEO, how it works, and how to choose the best SEO company for you – that way you get the top positions in Google for more traffic, leads, sales, and money…

If you’re interested in working with us (and assuming we are accepting new clients as of now) then fill out the TYT SEO Application and we’ll talk more about it live and hand deliver you your custom SEO Traffic-Getting Plan – 100% free, no obligation.