Finding An Affordable SEO Company - Step By Step Guide

Affordable SEO Company Guide

Exact Step By Step Guide To Finding An Affordable SEO Company

By Mike Piet  on 02-02-2018 Views: 4,635 

Inside secrets revealed on finding an affordable SEO company to get you #1 in Google for huge ROI (along with FREE SEO Cost Calculator Tool) – you can either watch the video or read the post – same message and information just in two formats – do what works for you!

So I know you searched some sort of phrase about… “affordable SEO company” – right?

Therefore, I’m going to assume you are looking for an SEO company…

AND you want to find an affordable one.

I know…

I’m a genius 😉

And today I’m going to use my “genius” abilities to share with you some things that…

…you’ll definitely want to know about choosing an affordable SEO company – in a way that actually gets you number one in Google, for a bigger and more consistent flow of traffic, leads, and sales – for ULTIMATE business growth… and of course do it in a 100% affordable way.

By the way my name is Mike Piet from Triple Your Traffic (also know as “TYT” – an SEO company)…image14

So who the heck am I? And why would you want to listen to me?

Well for starters – I was NOT always an “Affordable SEO Company”

I was actually in a very similar position as you, 7 years ago, when I started my first online business (looking for someone to help with SEO to grow my business).

image10It started when I was a radiographer (someone who takes x-rays of broken bones) – I started listen to Tony Robbins, and he did an interview about someone who does internet marketing, and it got me thinking a bigger vision and business direction…image08

So needing a product, I wrote an ebook about “How To Become A Radiographer.”

…and of course I thought I was going to put this book online and sell tons of copies, make tons of money, and be sitting on the beach somewhere… until I realized I needed to actually get people to my website to sell the book…image07So I first tried Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC). Yet I was spending more than I was making… so that wasn’t working… so I had to stop that and look for another solution…

…I soon learned more about this “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) thing – that certain things can be done to be #1 “organically” for certain keywords, for a lot more targeted traffic, leads, and sales.

Now the thing was…

I not only wanted SEO to be affordable, but I actually wanted it to be FREE.

I figured if I just did it (and didn’t pay myself), it wouldn’t cost me anything…

So I got all the courses on SEO I could, and started practicing and using it for YEARS with little to NO RESULTS.

…until I figured out a way to do SEO correctly, a way that actually WORKED, consistently (which I’ll REVEAL and explain to you in just moment).

..but… I soon realized this SEO route, was NOT free at all.

I mean besides the labor time (I wasn’t paying myself) but I needed help from others and of course would have to pay for their help,

There were a LOT of hard costs to execute and do SEO correctly.

It took HARD COST to build up a network of powerful domains that I would link to the target content I wanted to rank, the hostings, acquiring authority links, hosting many domains, all the cost of the tools, hiring and building a big enough team to build out all the web 2.0’s, social signals, etc (getting all the content created isn’t cheap!)

So I realized SEO done correctly, is NOT cheap at all (but I’ll share with you inside SECRETS that I used to make the SEO/ranking #1 in google much cheaper and for sure affordable in just a moment).

But while it was a bit more expensive than I would of liked, it was manageable, and most IMPORTANTLY it was WORKING. I got to #1 for ALL my target keywords in that niche (of radiography). But soon realized that niche was too small.

So I went on to the next business, which was selling a product on “How to Write A Book” (since when I was writing my book it was hard for me, and I realized the “How To Write A Book” niche had a much bigger search volume for the keywords).image00

…and I used the same SEO strategy in this niche as well, and soon ranked for those keywords. Was making decent money, but the majority of people that came to my site wanted to write a book with a made up story, characters, etc. and I wanted to teach how to write an informational book, so I sold that business and didn’t know what I was going to do next…

Long story short: I joined a toastmaster group to practice my public speaking and communication skills, and the first speech I gave was about myself, and I just casually mentioned I am passionate about online marketing and what not…image04

Then afterwards, someone from the group also had a business, and said to me, “I have my own business too, can you help with my business as well and rank my website within Google?”

And I said, “Okay – let’s DO IT!”

…and sure enough it WORKED for this other business as well. I got them #1 for their target keywords (actually multiple top spots for the same keywords for ever more traffic, leads, and sales, which I’ll reveal and explain to you as well in just a bit)…

Their business grew exponentially ……

Because of how much I helped their business by ranking their site they referred me to a new client, and then I decided to rank my own content for target keywords like “Michigan SEO” to get even more clients..,

And “TYT” was born and began to evolve…

Soon more and more clients came in all types of business, my team and I grew through it all and things got a little crazy (to say the least) managing it all…..

So we had to build out SYSTEMS: organization, procedures, know our costs, checklists, etc. – to manage everything and at the same time optimize and refine the ranking #1 in google process over and over until we could predictably and execute it in the least expensive way.image13

The systems we built out work to consistently rank companies in the top spots in Google in the least expensive/affordable way possible (and we still use and continue to evolve to make the whole process better and better to THIS very day).

So… coming from both sides of the fence: not knowing anything about SEO, wanting it super affordable, trying to hire others to do it for me, etc. —> to —> running dozens of SEO campaigns affordably, profitably while simultaneously building an entire affordable SEO company around it all – I can GIVE YOU value and insight on this topic…

…to USE – so you will be able to truly choose the best affordable SEO company for you, to get #1 in Google to grow your business.

So let’s DIVE into the “meat and potatoes” now…

Pause if you need to go grab something to drink or something, because I promise it will be a one hell of an educational transformation experience, need-to-know information downloaded right into your head like the Matrix – absolutely free of charge.

Let’s begin…


So first off…

What does affordable mean?

Well in simple terms it means what you can afford.

To one person $500 a month is what they can afford to pay VS a big company like Coca Cola can spend 50 million a month (or something crazy high like that) on marketing is what affordable means to them.

So it’s what you and your business can afford.

…and “affordable” as in saying it has a built in preference for the product/service is reasonably priced, right?

Okay simple enough.


The more important question is…

How do we know how much the SEO campaign to be #1 in Google will cost?

Because what if what we can afford, isn’t enough?

For example, let’s say we can afford $1,000 per month, and the SEO campaign really needs $3,000 per month on resources to work in a relatively short time frame – so not enough money – not enough resources – no results.

Or… what if it takes $1,000 month worth of resources, but some SEO provider tells us it’s only $300 month but the strategy they use just doesn’t work.

So let’s discuss how to know how much an SEO campaign should cost…

Then once you know that (roughly how much it will cost to get to the #1 spots) – you can then work on finding an affordable and trustworthy SEO provider – that will actually get you the #1 rankings in Google for your target keywords to grow your business.


What it takes to rank (what Google wants in the top spots)

Before we go any further lets first understand what Google really wants because that is a big key to understanding all of this.

There’s really 3 main areas, or 3 steps if you will…

#1: Knowing Your Keywords

Google wants the creators of content to have in mind the keyword/search phrases are searching to create SPECIFIC content.

So first step is finding the keywords that we want to rank – these keywords will be used in step #2 and step #3. Selecting the right keywords is like building the foundation of a giant skyscraper.

So what keywords are the RIGHT keywords to pick?

Here’s the THREE of the main factors when choosing keywords:

  1. Enough search volume: if there’s only 10 people searching the keyword (that’s .33 people a day – and that’s not enough search volume), even with the world’s best product and copy, it’s going to be hard to make a sale based on pure numbers alone.
  2. Converting: if I rank for keywords like “how to do seo myself” it’s going to have a very low conversion rate if I’m offering to do their SEO for them VS a more converting keyword like “SEO company” which has the build in intent that the searcher is looking to HIRE a seo company – thus much much higher conversions.
  3. Big enough ROI: power comes together when you find the best converting keywords that have enough search volume equaling an estimated huge return on investment i.e. spend $500 a month, making back $10,000 a month in sales.


  • Competitiveness: how hard is it to rank (factors such as “search volume” how powerful the first sites in google are, etc. – more on this explained in the free SEO action plan – we got to keep moving along with the content).
  • Group keywords (or keyword groups): meaning having a “main target keyword” with the secondary keywords (also know as “LSI keywords”) – to figure out grouping, think like a user… what would he want specifically – we can only fit so many keywords on a page before it’s just stuffed to cause over-optimization that prevents #1 rankings
  • Organized Keyword Tracking: easy-to-use, easy to refer back to spreadsheet to track keyword positions on it.

See example below:
This is pretty basic, and usually costs less than $100 dollars for someone to do.

I and the team at Triple Your Traffic (an affordable SEO company) can help with finding the best converting keywords for your company’s ultimate business growth. We’ll do all the research and show you it for free within what we call our “Free SEO Traffic-Getting Action Plan” that I will let you know about later on…

Now that we know step #1, let’s talk about specifically the two main things or criteria Google uses when determining what content to rank in the top spots…

#2: Relevant Content

Google always wants to rank the most relevant searches…

…that way the users says “this is exactly what I was looking for” and is more likely to have a good experience, come back, clicks some Google ads at some point, google makes money, etc.

Meaning the content, whether it’s a page on your site, or a video, it needs to talk about the keyword in the beginning, middle, end, have keywords in the meta title and description, certain number of words, etc.

If you don’t have optimized content, you’d need to create or pay for that.

We at TYT (affordable seo company) also rank a YouTube video. And here are the reasons why:

MORE SPOTS: website #1 in Google, and we can then rank a YouTube video #2 in Google so more people will be likely to click on or view your content, and therefore more you’ll get even more traffic, leads, and sales.

RANK FASTER: since the video is placed on, we are “piggy-backing” on the popularity/billions of backlinks that go to, so we can sometimes RANK in the top spots FASTER than a website.

MORE CONVERSIONS: truth is, some people to like to read, some people like to view. So if we just have a webpage we may miss out on the people that want to watch and listen and not read. Having both a page article and a video in place will convert more people into buyers.

So if you don’t have a video for each keyword group/topic, you’d need to create that or get it created by hiring someone.

Overall, that’s the somewhat easy part, anyone can write and create a video about the content, the second part is much harder to do correctly and affordably.

Now on to the second MAJOR thing Google looks for in choosing the top spots in their search engine is…

#3: Best/Popular Content (Links)

Remember I said Google wants to rank the most relevant, that is true, but only HALF the equation, Google not only wants to rank the most relevant content but also the most popular content.

I mean think about it… There’s 100’s sometimes millions website on one keyword, and Google has to instantly decide which one is best to show/list first, second, third, etc.

Google’s biggest way to determine what is the most popular content, is by the number of powerful sites linking to the target content.

However nowadays it isn’t just about the number of links, it’s about the quality of the links, quality meaning how authoritative/powerful/popular the page linking out to content is.


There are four different types of links we use:

#1: Web 2.0s Links:

These type of links/sites are essentially free website builder platforms, such as,,,,,,, etc.

These professionally built web 2.0s help increase rankings by keeping site natural because they add a diverse amount of websites and more anchor text diversity (the type of anchor link for instance “fill out this form here,” “click here,” etc).

#2: Citations Links:

Citations are local business listings, such as yelp,, google my business, foursquare, etc.

Most real business have citations. Google wants to rank real businesses and avoid the spammers. Also, the more popular the business is, it would naturally be listing in more business citations/listings.

Most affordable SEO companies and providers can get this right… but…

You have to go set up the conditions (like doing them yourself or hiring someone) to have these built correctly because having these wrong can prevent top rankings in Google. They also need to be maintained correctly to stay indexed in Google to count – to increase the rankings.

Also, citations play a bigger influence in the local listing snackpack (Google’s local listing right above the map for some local searches which is highlighted in yellow in the below picture).


Note as a subtle point: we also build backlinks to the citations so they get indexed (counted by Google) and make the citations themselves more powerful.

#3: Social Signals Links

These are digital signals from when someone shares a link on any social media site, such as Facebook Twitter, Google+, etc

Think about it. Most popular sites get shared on social websites. Google wants to rank the most popular content… so it just makes sense to get more social signals, because it helps boost the rankings.

Note #2: we link out to both the webpage and the YouTube video.

#4: Authority Links:

These types are the MOST POWERFUL and by far the most effective in moving the content to the top positions in Google.

These are essentially links from high authority sites (meaning other authoritative sites link to the site, then that that site then links to the target content).

I’ll now reveal to you an inside secret how we are able to get high authority links at any moment – to rank any content in Google we want…

But first, you need to know something VERY important… (that most “affordable SEO companies” say…)


So let’s go into more details NOW what authority links are – and what they are NOT – because some people out there may tell you they can get you authority links – but they’re actually FAKE authority links (and some may not even know these are fake links).

Let me explain what I mean.

For example let’s take a site like “” – it is a very popular, billions of links, high trust and citation flow from majestic, etc.

So anyone can make a site on wordpress, like “,” and link to any content they want..

But where the link is made, there are no actual links, or any connection to the new pages made on wordpress. There’s no page connections between the homepage of wordpress and the page I made on the domain anywhere.

Therefore it doesn’t pass any “power” or “link juice” to the content leading to zero results, yet someone who is claiming to have “affordable SEO services” is getting these fake authority links, that actually don’t work.

It needs to be a TRUE authority link (meaning the page that is linking out to the target content to be ranked needs a connection/links from other authoritative sites).


So how the heck do you get popular, high authority links to NATURALLY link to your site? Well, there’s essentially 2 paths you can take to get high authority links.

Path #1: Guest posts

You can email 1,000’s of sites saying, “my website has very useful information and if you could link to my website that’d be great.”

…yet that’s what everybody is doing. And all the emails take a whole system to do, because most emails don’t even make it past someone’s spam filters, the chances that they actually see the email, they actually open the email, they actually want to take the time to link to your website over everyone else’s are very low.

And if you did decide to mass email, you put all the control in their hands, whether they say “yes” to put a link on their site or not, whether they leave the link up, etc.

But what if you had another way.

Path #2: Own Portfolio (full control)

Another way as in you could get a high authority link within hours, have full control where it links to, how it links, when, etc. for under $60 dollars per link?

You can make this a reality by having your own network of high authority sites.

It’s a super long topic but here’s what and how you do it.

Thousands of website, for whatever reason, stop paying their registration title for the domain that must be renewed yearly. After 30 days of not renewing the domain, the domain is then “set free” meaning anyone can buy it.

So that someone who goes and buys it also has all the OLD links (the websites linking to this website) still there, and they all still count.

So you can basically build an authority site within hours affordably (vs years of building your own authority site from scratch).

Now the truth is, you have to build a whole system around finding the relevant high power authority sites (using various methods like vendors or scrapers), registering them with unique information, hosting them on different hosts and IPs, building out the site, linking in a natural way, organizing it all, maintaining site, etc. which can be an intense thing to manage… (thus a major reason why we do this for people for a living).

So we have 100’s of our own very powerful domains, that we have full control to link to whoever we want (and of course have it all super systematized to make is the most affordable seo company one can choose).

Has To Be All Done In A Supernatural Way…

Google wants the “most natural” process to happen for them to determine the best site. Google does NOT like people “gaming” or “tricking” their search results or else people would rank spammy sites trying to sell spammy stuff all the time.

For that reason, Google looks for is signs of people gaming the search engine which is generally called “over optimization” and if Google sees too much of someone trying to manipulate their algorithm they will penalize the site by not ranking the site near the top – the opposite of what we want!

Specifically, one big sign google uses to tell when someone is trying to trick their system is called “anchor text over optimization.”

An anchor text is “this” – it’s what the link says – also know as a hyperlink. Most cases the anchor text is blue. When clicked will take us to a destination page.

So Google tells relevance of a site by the content on the site AND what words the people use as their anchor text linking to a site.

So since most “SEOs” know this, they make the anchor text/hyperlink the keyword they want to rank for.

For example is this was a post, and I wanted to rank for SEO company, I’d link “SEO company” to our website

Google doesn’t mind a target keyword in the hyperlink, because it helps them know what the site is about, and helps user know what they are clicking.

But the thing is, Google knows only so many people will use the exact keyword in the hyperlink just like this; SEO company. So doing this over and over would be unnatural (shown in diagram below).

I personally use generic keyword just naturally without thinking about seo like “if you want to visit the SEO company click here.”

So we change the different types of anchor texts we use, such as, the target keyword, the brand name of the company, generics, variations of the keyword, etc.

Here’s an example of what it would look like in a natural setting, and what we re-create

Doing This, We Are Giving Google Exactly What They Want

(1) Know the keywords you are targeting


(2) Relevant optimized content in place (both article and youtube video)


(3) Getting all 4 types of links (authority, web 2,0’s, social signals and citations) in a supernatural way


Top spots in Google

Using this formula, Google can’t help but rank your content #1 because we are giving them exactly what they want.

Using this formula not only works much quicker than other SEO methods, it also produces LONG-TERM results (any Google algorithm changes are always just better ways to seek out the most relevant sites, the best sites, and in a natural way – all of which we do).

Time To Plan Your SEO Campaign And Budget (Free Tool For You To Use As Well)

Now it’s time to actually plan and budget your SEO campaign.

You can use what I call the “bucket allocation method” along with this free template:


Open that up and MAKE A COPY (that will save in on whatever Google account that you are logged into)

Then use the bucket allocation method.

  1. Keyword research: spend the budget to get this done FIRST so you have the keywords to use in step #2 and #3.
  2. On page relevant optimized content: spend the next portion of your budget on content creation and/or optimization (for each keyword group, there needs to a correlating youtube video and page so if you have 5 keyword groups you would need 5 pages and 5 videos).
  3. Off page promotion links: spend the rest of the budget on links.

The first month you’ll want to aim to get all the content needed in place all optimized correctly.

Then the following month you can spend all your budget on LINKS.

Split the budget on links to roughly these amounts:

Authority links: 80%
Web 2.0 links: 4%
Citations links: 4%
Social Signals links: 4%

Of course this is situational – there could be some other obscure situations and these numbers would change, but on average that’s the break down you want to use.

Keep buying links, monitoring the rankings, until you are #1.

This WORKS like clockwork – you are giving Google exactly what they want, relevant optimized content that is the best…

Here is the LINK below for you to have this – MAKE A COPY – and use for yourself.

Cost Calculator link

So go ahead and plan out your budget/plan using that template. Get that done.

Then EXECUTE the plan.

Either you execute it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you…

If you think we may be a good fit, then schedule a time to talk to us by filling out the free SEO action Plan / Application on this page here.

When you apply, we’ll help you fill out the cost calculator/SEO action plan 100% for FREE.

Here’s some details that you get free when you apply…

Free Custom-Made SEO Traffic-Getting Action Plan Done For You

We’ll lay out exact plan to get to #1 on Google for a new consistent influx of ready to buy leads – you’ll specifically get:

A few more details on your free traffic-getting action plan if needed:

Live 1 Hour (or more) Strategy Session (Skype or phone):

One-on-one private meeting where we’ll reveal our exact proven TYT Google Ranking Formula that we’ve used to consistently get our clients top positions in Google that currently results in a total average increase of $698,000 in MORE revenue per month.

…and exactly what you need in place to increase your revenue and profit as well – by really being #1 in Google for CONSISTENTLY more traffic, leads, sales, and business growth.

Plus we’ll answer any questions you may have about SEO, digital marketing, business, etc.

Detailed SEO Action Plan (PDF Format):

We’ll give you an exact copy of the material that we go over in our 1-on-1 time, and also a simple “cheat sheet” summary of the major things we talked about in the meeting (so you can simply and quickly USE and refer back to it as needed).

Keyword Research/ROI Calculations (Excel Format):

Hand deliver the exact keywords to rank in google that will bring you the most ROI (and easiest and quickest to rank #1).

We will do all the detailed digging, sifting, analyzing, organizing… all the hard tedious detailed work that is involved in keyword research.

…all done for you – correctly delivered straight to your email inbox in just a few short days.

SEO Cost Breakdown (PDF format):

Know the exact costs it will take you to be #1 in Google so you can get to the number one spots in google PROFITABLY.

SEO Checklist (PDF format):

Exactly what needs to be done for your site to rank #1 in Google in no time flat – in a custom made checklist so you can make sure it gets DONE.

Overall, if you want to go in more detail about how we’ve rank dozens and dozens of business in the top spots in Google, then make sure you enroll and set up a time to meet with us, and we’ll share with you how it’s all done, and answer any questions you have LIVE, 1-on-1, and if interested, how we can help.

Within this FREE strategy session, we’ll also do your keyword research, analyze your market, and tell you what you need in place, down to the exact number of links you’ll need, so you know exactly how much it will cost.

Our “headquarters” our in Michigan, but service business all over the US and Canada.

Just fill in the info below and hit the big button saying “Apply & Get Free SEO Action Plan” and we’ll get started on your custom made plan exactly what you need to get to #1 in Google for your target keywords in no time flat, for more traffic, leads, and sales…

Either way, I hope you got a lot of value out of this.


SEO campaign cost comes down to:

  • What keywords (more competitive, more links, more money)
  • How many keywords (more content and optimizing cost, more links to them, more money)
  • What you can afford and how aggressive you want to be.

If you need help with this – it’s okay – I would too. We can help. It took us years to learn how to plan and execute SEO campaign correctly – let us help get you moving even faster (100% no pressure)

If you are serious about finding an SEO company – we (Triple Your Traffic) are it…

Regardless if you use us or not, find an affordable SEO company/provider (who ever it is) – that can explain their strategy and can PROVE IT WORKS, have built SYSTEMS to do it in the most cost/effective/affordable way – if this is the case then go for it! :)

You only get one lifetime to grow your business, make it happen…

Make your seo campaign affordable and profitable by really using a great system to get you to the #1 spots in Google for more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

Can you afford it?

Can you afford NOT to?

To not grow your business and not scale it to have the money you want? To not make the business big enough and also not predictable leading to not be able to take more time off? And then not be able to sell your business for a big payout?

Imagine having your business all set up where it basically runs on its own with the right systems and right people allowing you to do the things you love and are skilled at, etc.?

Invest in your business. Long term content that converts users into buyers. The right long term, affordable, and very profitable lead source of SEO fully working…

The choice is yours.

Make it happen starting today.

This is Mike Piet and it’s been a real pleasure for you letting me give you the gift of sharing all this with you – I hope you got MASSIVE value out of it – and hopefully we’ll talk soon.

PS: sorry this turned out long – but I PROMISE you if you read this you will know exactly how to find the most affordable SEO company that is perfect FOR YOU for more rankings, traffic, leads and ULTIMATE business growth.

Affordable SEO Company Ultimate Guide
Affordable SEO Company Ultimate Guide

Exactly what you need to know about choose the best affordable SEO company for you - plan you can affordable and are reasonable prices, and actually work to get you to the top spots in Google.