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Hidden Site Errors May Be Preventing Your Site From Ranking In The Top Spots In Google – (free analysis to tell you exactly what to correct)

By Mike Piet  on 01-31-2018 Views: 2,652

Hey how’s it going?

It’s Mike Piet – and today we need to talk about a VERY important topic of “fixing site error” that may be preventing your website from being #1 in Google.

Let’s get right into it!


WHY Fixing Site Errors Is So Important To #1 Rankings

Well imagine, you are building a railroad track to a new area…

…and there’s a bunch of big boulders and trees blocking your path…

– you have to clear the trees and boulders out of the way – to get where you are going, right?

Now think of your SEO campaign like building a path to a “new place” (which in this case is “the top spots in Google”)…

…and the boulders and trees are all the site errors that are stopping your site from ranking in the top spots in Google.

Those “boulders” in the way – which we can call “site errors” – MUST BE FIXED before you rank for the top spots.

Google can and will literary suppress and keep the website back on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (and so on)…

..and as you know, you need to get to the top spots in Google for your target keywords where all the traffic and leads are generated…

(studies show less than 5% of the search traffic clicks on 2nd page and on)

…and CORRECTING all the site errors is one of the critical elements you must do in order to achieve that.


Took Us Years To Figure Out…

Sadly, years ago I remember when I didn’t know about certain site errors that would hold my sites back…

I kept building more Authority Links, citations, social signals, you name it, and got very little to NO movement – I was like “what is going on!?!”

It wasn’t until I dug much deeper into Panda issues (the name of the Google “algorithm” that mainly deals with elements on the actual site) that I realized site errors can cause suppressed rankings for the entire site.


Could Small Site Errors On My site Really Be Preventing Me From The #1 Spot?

Meaning… small errors can have damaging page-preventing effects (such as junk URLs indexed, duplicant data, broken links, etc).

When I first heard this, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me…

Why would a few broken links, or a duplicate page really affect rankings?

But then I really thought about “Google”…

It’s a computer.

It’s NOT human. It doesn’t understand situational thinking, it’s pretty black-and-white from one perspective.

And Google’s whole goal is to present the best content for the user. in Google’s thinking: if a site has broken links, thin content, duplicate meta data, etc. (all things we classify as “site errors”)

…then the user most likely will NOT have a good experience with the site…

…and then the user may blame google for showing the site

…and if this would happens too much, google would get a bad rep (because as you know everyone talks about and shares everything online which spreads VERY quickly these days).

…and a bad rep means less people come back which means Google makes less money because less people are using them (and that of course is the opposite of what Google wants).

So in short, Google wants the “perfect” site in terms of “technical” errors.

From that perspective, hopefully it just makes sense (or whether it does or doesn’t really doesn’t matter) – with technical errors, even a few, Google can and will prevent top positions in some cases.


What To Do About The Site Errors That Could Be Preventing Errors

Now that we know these “errors” need to be fixed…

Isn’t there some tool to analyze and present this information for me?

Unfortunately, we’ve looked very hard to find one single tool that will do all this for us, and found NO single tool…

Reality is, it’s about a combination of using different tools and methods, manually reviewing the site for certain things, etc.

…that way you know everything that you need to fix.

We spent a lot of time and money researching what to really correct, and what we can ignore, based on countless sites and businesses in all different types of markets that we worked with over the years.

I could spend the next 3 hours educating about all these site errors (and then another 20 or so background technical errors to understand them – and another 30 or so on how to technically fix them).

But that’s actually not the answer to get you to #1 in Google – and to scale your business…


You Must Delegate To Stay Focused

I’m sure you know this, on some level…

That, doing these sort of tasks is NOT where the BIG money is going to be made for you.

…the BIG money to come your way is by growing your business, getting more clients, looking at things strategically, executing, etc.

You follow?

…the business growth and success will most likely NOT come from YOU analyzing the sites from many different tools, manual checks, and looking into all the little details…

Now I’m NOT not saying fixing the site errors isn’t important. The opposite of that actually. Fixing these site errors is VERY IMPORTANT to rank in the top positions in Google that most people do not know about

…but what is also is important is you delegating it so it’s gets done correctly – freeing up your time so you can keep on working on strategically scaling your business.

That’s why we can do all the hard detailed work for you – find every site mistake you need to fix – and give you the EXACT ERRORS and STEPS needed to fix them …all for FREE

Free just to show you that this is stuff to fix on your site, and that we do know what we are talking about 😀

And of course there is no obligation to work with us any further, seriously it’s for free with no string attached.

Let me tell me a little more what we’re about to do for you…


TYT’s Site Fixes Audit Service

We will do it all for you…

We’ll analyze your entire site, and give you a full report and checklist exactly what you need to fix, where, how to fix it, why, etc.

Very specific and easy to understand format that way you (or someone you give it too) cannot help but fix them correctly.

That way, you save a ton of money, time and stress from doing it all yourself, and stay focused on what really matters – strategically growing your business productivity to be as profitable as possible.

To make sure your site has no “hidden” errors that are preventing the site from being in the top positions in Google…


Test Out Our Site Audit & Fixes Service For Yourself Today – 100% FREE

…just fill out the info BELOW to submit your order (again, free, for now)…

…and we will get back to you within a few short days exactly what is needed to be fixed – so you can get the top spots in Google, for more leads, sales, money, business growth etc.

Here’s to your site being error free, to finally get the #1 rankings in Google you need,

Mike & the TYT Team


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