Proven System to Get Google’s Top Spots for More Leads & Sales

By Mike Piet & TYT Team  on 11-20-2017

Here’s A Proven System To Quickly & Affordably Get Google’s Top Spots For More Sales Consistently Each Month

Stop missing out on tens and thousands of dollars every month, from NOT being in the top spots in Google.

– learn these secrets and proven process for getting to the top spots in Google, for more traffic, leads, and sales consistently

– in a quick, affordable & profitable way – that most people will never know about…

Just read the text below to find out how…

First You Need To Know The Biggest Factor Google Looks For When Ranking Websites In The Top Spots…

Besides first knowing and targeting the RIGHT BUYER type KEYWORDS with enough search volume that will equal a huge ROI…

…and besides having the most high quality RELEVANT WEBSITE CONTENT about the targeted keywords – because google wants to rank the most relevant websites..

…you need to know Google also ranks the MOST POPULAR websites.

Now the biggest factor when Google determines what website is most popular for the keyword, is by other sites linking to it.

You can think of the metaphor “links are like votes”

– the person with the most votes wins the election

– and in this case the votes are links,

and winning is having the site in the top spots.

But here’s what you also MUST know about links: now-a-days,

Google does NOT count every link equal.

Google now counts the link’s “voting power,” by how authoritative the page is that the link is on.

Authority meaning lots of other popular pages are linking to that page.

So these types of links from high authority pages we can call, “AUTHORITY LINKS.

Here’s a POP QUIZ:

What do you think google would rank higher?

Website A – with 100 non-authoritative sites linking to it, such as
Website B – with 1 powerful authoritative site linking to it, such as

Well now-a-days the answer is…

Website B, with one powerful authority link, would rank higher VS a site with 100 links from non authoritative sites.

So having the most relevant website content AND enough high powered authority links pointing to the site (signaling to Google it’s the most popular out of all the relevant sites) = the very top spots in Google.

It’s NOT a matter of “if” you can rank,

It’s more a matter of “how many authority links are needed to rank to outrank the competition”

But, before knowing how many of these authority links are needed…

The question is how do you even get these high powered authority links in the first place?

(and of course in a consistent, affordable, and natural way)

Well let me tell you…

Here’s How To Instantly Get Authority Links Consistently, Affordably, Until You Are In The Top Spots

Well what most people TRY is what we can call “guest post” or “outreach”.

Which is basically finding the top authority sites, and emailing them saying something along the lines of:

“I have the best website content for your users, will you put a link from your site to my site?”

…except that’s what everyone is trying to do…

…and from my experience (and many others) it rarely works out.

I mean think about all the challenges we have to get across when emailing and contacting these authority sites;

  • Do they even see the email? Or does it go in their spam folder?
  • If they see the email, do they even open it?
  • If they open the email, do they even read it?
  • If they read the email, are they actually compelled to put a link from their site to yours?
  • If they do put a link from their site to your site, is it on some backend page of their site that no really goes to and no links to it – and therefore doesn’t really pass any link voting power…making the link pretty much useless.

In other words, using this method the success rate is very low, it’s very inconsistent,

Because you’re putting the control in others to say “yes” to you

– and then hoping they’ll follow through with it..

The good news is:

There’s a much better, faster, consistent, and affordable way to get authority links which we can call “Authority Stacking”

Here’s where one of the BIGGEST SECRET is and how it works…

Here’s the part in a video specially explaining this part about getting authority links consistently and profitably using “authority stacking” method.

  • A certain amount of websites build up authority links over time.
  • Then for whatever reason they stop paying their register bill.
  • Then after 30 days of not paying their bill anyone can register the domain and have full control over it.
  • Then the domain is rebuilt with either original content and change the privacy info or build new content for it.
  • And all those links built up over time, still count in google’s eyes, so then you can link from that authority site to any website you want to rank, and it counts as a high authority link.

Then we repeat this process over and over again,until enough authority links are built to beat the competition – signaling to Google that this website content is the most popular out of all the relevant correlating websites to the search keyword, until the top spots.

It’s pretty INSANE– this process is what I made into a repeatable system that I mentioned earlier

– of finding these available high powered authority sites, buying them, building them up, having them on unique hostings and IP’s – all managed as real websites…

That my team and I (Triple Your Traffic) use to link to any content we want (including our own and other business owner clients), to boost it to the top spots in Google consistently.

Google Can’t Help But Rank Your Site In The Top Spots – Resulting In More Leads, Sales, And Money…

Having the most relevant site content and having enough high powered authority links signaling to Google it’s also the most popular website,

Google can’t help but rank your site site in the top spots, because it’s exactly what they want in the top spots…

It may seem simple, it may seem hard, if doesn’t matter, what matters is the END RESULTS…

…all the qualified already-motivated ready to buy prospects searching Google for your target keywords… these prospects seeing your site first… clicking on it …actually seeing your offer…

…and a large amount of them taking action on your offer, making dozens more sales every month

…resulting in at least $30,000 to $80,000 more dollars in revenue per month is what we see on average with the type of business owners we work with…

…and only costing a FRACTION of the revenue made to make the top spots and all of this happen…

…finally getting that PROFITABLE business growth, consistently every month.

The key here is KNOWING these secrets and methods, then of course USING them:

Putting these critical elements (of relevant high quality content with enough high power authority links) in place, to make the top spots happen, resulting in more leads and sales, making that huge amount of profit each month a reality.

Now here’s where I can offer you a “shortcut” to save years of learning time, and save $1,000 of dollars of you doing it all on your own, by…

Taking Advantage of My Entire System Where You Can Get These High Power Authority Links Instantly, Affordably, Consistently – All Done For You – Until You’re In The Top Spots

So there’s essentially two main options here:

The first one is that you could do this all yourself, which will require a considerable amount of time to learn (it took me a few years) and then managing it all, making sure you are doing it right, having different domains, hostings, IP addresses, keeping things 100% natural, etc. etc.

Which can all get VERY complex to say the least…

Like I mentioned, I had to build a whole system out of it to keep it all organized, effective, and as a side benefit made the ranking process most affordable as well.

Or the other option is you can delegate it to others like myself who have years of experience doing it successfully, and have an entire proven system to do everything, to get it done much much quicker, and at a fraction of the cost then trying to figure it all out and do it all yourself.

So that’s why I want to offer you this… (if you are indeed serious about growing your business)

Get Your Free SEO Action Plan: Giving You More Critical Details on Authority Links & All The Steps to The Top Spots, Along With Custom Keyword Research All Done For You, Answer Questions Live 1-on-1, Etc. – All 100% FREE

By requesting your free SEO action plan, we’ll create you a custom plan based on specifically what you need in place for your keywords to be ranked in the top spots in Google (down to the exact number of links needed to outrank the competition).

This plan also includes the CUSTOM KEYWORD RESEARCH that we will do for you before hand, showing you the best high-converting keywords that will most likely result in sales for your business, how many people are searching those keywords, and a very close estimate of how much traffic, sales, and revenue that would generate per month, when in the top spots for those keywords…

We will share this all with you LIVE 1-on-1 so we can interact live, and also for us to answer any questions you may have.

…during this strategy session meeting, we’ll also fill in some of the missing details that we left out of this post due to the sake of time and privacy

And during the meeting, we’ll give you more details on how we could do all the hard work for you (at a fraction of the time and cost it would take you or someone else to do it, since we have it all systematized and refined to be the most effective and affordable way of executing this system to make the top spots a reality).

We’ll also let you know all the details you’d need to know if working together further, such as exactly how much it would cost for you to outrank the competition and be in the top spots, how long it’d take for you specifically, etc.

Then if you want us to execute the plan for you and build all of the links needed to get to the top spots, etc. then of course there’s a charge – but again this SEO Action Plan Meeting and Keyword Research is 100% free – absolutely no obligations whatsoever.

Fill Out The Form Below For The 100% Free Custom SEO Action Plan (Breaking Down The Exact Number of Links Needed And Keyword Research)

So if you’re interested in this free strategy session meeting and custom plan including keyword research, absolutely free…

…then all you need to do is fill out the free SEO Action Plan Meeting form right below – it takes less than 30 seconds to fill out the information we need to get started with the keyword research and custom plan.

Once you fill that in, you can either choose a time to meet right away, or we’ll email you shortly to set up a time that’s convenient for you – and you’ll be on the accelerated path to more rankings, traffic, leads, sales and ultimate business growth in no time flat…

Updated: 12-12-2017

Note: I can’t guarantee you that at the time you are reading this that we are still accepting free SEO Action Plan Meetings (because we only take on helping so many businesses at a time, to ensure each business gets to the top spots no matter what).

So please look for “Accepting” as the status right above, to see if we are accepting any new Action Plans Meetings at that time – if it says “closed” on it – you’ll have to get on the waiting list until we open up more spots ..if it says “ACCEPTING” then you are good to go…

“This action plan showed me everything I needed to know about what’s involved to get to the top spots, the exact price it would cost, allowing me which SEO company to choose to actually get me the top spots for my target keywords so much easier.” by Stacy Miller – CEO/IBH Industries – NY
“TYT got me to the top spots for almost all of my keywords, especially the main ones. The increased traffic lead to more than tripling my business from it. They get the job done.”by Steven Thompson –Thompson P.C. – MI

The #1 Trait For Success With SEO (And Most Things In Life)

Either way, the KEY is to START NOW no matter what.

Studies show the longer we delay, the less likely we will be to take action…

Or like the Book of Babalon says, “A road to someday, leads to a town called nowhere.

Or as Wayne Dyer says, “Most people die with their music still inside of them.

So start now by getting the fundamentals in place:

#1: Knowing the right target buyer keywords to go after (we will do this for you for free and have it done by the time we meet),
#2: Having relevant website content about those keywords (we will write the pages and create youtube videos to rank all for you),
#3: Then becoming the most popular getting those high power authority links built over time (we will create the high power domains for you, and link to your site naturally – for a VERY affordable rate)

until you are in the top spots…

Either way, by taking advantage of the FREE SEO Action Plan now, you’ll be one step closer by having the first major step done by having all the right target keywords found and organized for you…

And an overall detailed plan of exactly what needs to be done for YOU SPECIFICALLY to get to the top spots in Google for your target keywords, for more traffic, leads, sales and ULTIMATE business growth…

Regardless, I hope you got a ton of value from this post, and no matter what keep being PERSISTANT to grow your business.

If you have an extra second, leave me a comment below on your thoughts and takeaways from this post – and any other questions happy to answer as well.

This is Mike Piet with Triple Your Traffic and hope to talk to you soon!

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  • Peter Wright says:

    What a useful blog post.

    Having worked with and known Mike for a number of years..

    I can say from experience, he always he puts in a lot of hard work
    and effort into everything he does!

    Which is rare in an industry full of people who do “just enough”

  • Mitz Vaghella says:

    Very well written blog. Tons of authentic information and so much to learn for someone new to this. Sincere Job Mike and Team Recommended!

  • Evans says:

    Wow thank you so much for sharing all of this very helpful information – I knew there was something that went into being in the top spots (as I have been trying numerous different strategies I’ve heard about for my interior design business) but never knew how important links are. Sounds like you and your company have the process down to a tee – you’ll be hearing from me soon :)

    • Mike Piet says:

      Yes there is definitely “something” that goes into the top spots – Google is a computer – certain things definitely make it to the top spots. Relevant most popular content.

      Then we just work on making that happen, keywords in certain places (so then of course knowing what keywords we want to use in the first place) and links from authority sites (sites with other popular sites linking to them) and you then get enough “votes”/authority links to outrank the competition in the top spots

      …easy as that 😀

      Looking forward to talking to you soon!

      Thank you for the kind words as well – and anything else just let me know.

  • Sam Clint says:


  • Jim The Crusher says:

    I know finally which SEO company I’ll be talking to next, the last 4 I used were a real disaster, no results, no communication, just took my money. Thank you for your transparency and can’t wait to talk to you!

    • Mike Piet says:

      You bet – and thanks for taking the time for reading/watching this, and look forward to talking together soon.

      That sucks about the 4 other SEO companies …makes me sick to hear what some other SEO companies do, some don’t even do backlinks, some use horrible backlinks, some don’t ever communicate with clients, etc. etc.

      Don’t mean to harp on other SEO companies, I’m know there is a lot of good SEO’s out there – I’m even personal friends with a lot of them – but I’m glad you got the message out of this, that there is a better way, what it entails, what to do, etc. – and how we can help, pretty excited to talk to you soon then!

  • William E. Taylor says:

    When you link farm an auctioned site that has been wiped clean the pagerank will eventually go down and the link becomes worthless.

    • Mike Piet says:

      Well pagerank has NOT been used or updated for some years – but I’m assuming you mean authority of that site right?

      All the incoming links to that bought site (either from auctions or scraped and found) still count in Google’s eyes, and have been for years. By keeping the site content the same or similar content, most links (especially when getting a site with a lot of links) will stick over the years, therefore keeping the “authority” and sending over the “authority/link power” to the content you want to rank.

      For sure there are some sites that will lose the incoming links to the site, therefore making that site less powerful/effective, but that’s not the majority of them.

      That’s why you’ll need a lot of links from different authority sites, and those authority sites should have a lot of incoming powerful links (that’s at least how we do it).

      But overall this is what I’ve found to work, and have sites still ranking in the top spots for years, using this exact strategy. But still more than one way to do it of course, again this is what works for us.

      Thanks for the question/comment/thought – any others feel free to share – happy to help and communicate 😀

      – Mike

  • antarius.brass says:

    Information in the video helped me understand the big picture of the SEO strategy along with all the specific details – thanks!

    • Mike Piet says:

      You bet! Thanks for watching! Goal was big picture overview along with the need to know details, so glad it worked out like that 😀

  • Christopher Tam says:

    Amazing SEO plan and strategy to rank business on google. I did check those keywords which you mentioned in video and they are there on top positions in google first page. Very convincing work.

    • Mike Piet says:

      Thanks! I like to keep the strategy simple, and of course do what works, and systemizing to make it the most affordable as well 😀 – so glad you liked it! Also glad you did your “due diligence” and checked the ranking examples I gave.

      Anything else just let me know!

  • Olympic Sports LLC says:

    When I finally finished my first site, I thought everybody would love it and that sales would flood in but I quickly realized, it was a ghost town, nobody came to my site… So I started to look around to see what to do to get traffic. I knew about Google Adwords and other paid advertising but it wasn’t the route I wanted to go with, I wanted to get long term results and get visitors to my site without paying a lot of money for each and everyone of them.

    That’s when I learned about search engine optimization, and I quickly got sucked in on all the different information out there. I was spending too much time researching and learning about seo so I decided to get somebody else to do it. When I buy something, I want to see proof that it actually works, especially on a complex subject like seo. And to be completely honest, the seo companies and people all promised no #1 results in Google but never showed me any proof, no case study, nothing!

    I was searching for real examples on ranking a site in top positions in Google and this is how I got to this post. This post and videos was super educational, easy to follow, makes sense and offers live proof. Looking forward to contacting you soon

    • Mike Piet says:

      I thought the same thing. I figured “build it and they will come” …until I build the site and nobody came. There is definitely a lot of information about SEO out there, that’s for sure. Glad you liked this post and videos, and seeing the proof. Glad we could help and talk soon!

  • Abdul says:

    Hello Mike

    I have a completely new Android website (news, reviews, how-to’s) with some content which I want to rank higher. How much will it cost and how much time will it take?
    Please reply

    • Mike Piet says:

      Hey Abdul!

      The time it will take is dependent on a few factors, such as competitiveness of keywords. The more competitive the keywords, the more SEO/links it will take to rank. So I’d have to know the exact keywords.

      Also it depends on your budget, the more money you have to build the links, then the more you can build. Less money/budget, will take longer to get the amount of needed links you’d need, thus longer to rank.

      I can take a look at what specific keywords, how long it’d take, how much of a budget you’d need, etc. – all I need to know is your website, general keywords you’d want to rank for (if you have them), etc. – which you can fill out on our form on our website and I’ll or someone on the TYT team will get back to you as soon as possible:

      Just fill out the form on this page or on this page here:

      Looking forward to helping more and answering your specific questions better.

  • maxalix says:

    Great page design

  • Chris says:

    Hi Mike, were you talking about building a PBN when you were saying to build our own authority site?
    Will PBNl get us penalized by Google?

    • Mike Piet says:

      Hey Chris!

      Great question. Yes in other words these authority sites are called “PBNs” (for Private Blog Networks) although really don’t like that name for several reasons, for one they really aren’t private, since they are all built as real sites.

      For your second question about being penalized from Google, the short answer is NO, IF you keep things super natural.

      Super natural meaning things such as, having a variety of link types, not just PBNs.

      Also making the PBN/authority sites actual legit sites, like real business, and run them as such. And having them all on unique IPs, hosting, unique sites, etc.

      Also the anchor text/hyperlinks need to be diverse like they are in the “real world” such as generic anchor texts like “click here” “more info” “home” etc. – and using the brand name, naked URL links, and only about 5% of the actual keyword you want to rank for.

      Also, build the links overtime, not all at once, etc.

      Those are the “big keys” to keep it NATURAL and NOT get penalized, I’ve been ranking sites this way for dozens of my own sites, and dozens of clients as well, and not a single site I’ve used this strategy on has ever been penalized.

      So keep it natural and it will work!

      Anything else just let me know!

  • John says:

    How much does it cost?

    • Mike Piet says:

      So how works is it depends on a few factors:

      Mainly on how many links are needed to outrank the current competition for the target keywords.

      In most cases:

      More competition = more links (because in a competitive search phrase, the top ranking websites already have more powerful links, so will need more powerful links to outrank them, VS a non-competitive search phrase the top sites will most likely have less links, therefor less links needed to outrank them, etc.).

      And more links, cost more money to make them.

      From a more general perspective, typically the investments are about only $750 to $1,900 per month to put all the things in place, including building enough high power authority links (these things are NOT the cheapest) – but again that is dependent on current competition of the keywords. We usually make a few different priced plans based on what is needed, their budget, and how aggressive he/she wants to be..

      …and as the old saying goes “it takes money to make money” – building these TRUE high quality authority links costs a lot of resources …but… it’s what WORKS to generate top spots and a huge ROI consistently, quickly, and long term – so that’s why we do it this way.

      And of course we’re ALWAYS refining our system to make it as affordable as possible.

      Great question and anything else just let me know!

      PS: and just to clarify, the SEO action plan meeting with custom keyword research is free from us – and then once we know your keywords, we look at the competition (the other sites currently ranking for those keywords) and then use a formula to estimate how many backlinks it would take to outrank them, then price you accordingly, we then try to build up enough backlinks to rank in about 2 to 4 months, and also depends on your budget as well

      – so when we meet will go over specific number of backlinks needed and specifically how much that would cost – to give you an exact cost – hence why I can’t say exactly what the cost is for you specifically, because it varies for each person, mainly depending on the competitiveness. of the search phrase.

      You can register for us to that analysis and plan building to get the exact price for you, and meet with us, by scheduling for for the Free SEO Action Plan either on this page or this page here:

      Again, anything else let me know and talk soon!