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A Few Reasons Why Our Flint SEO Company (Triple Your Traffic) Is The Best Company To Get Your Website To The Top Spots Of Google (& Stay There) Resulting In More Qualified Traffic, Leads & Sales

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In order to grow your business (and stay in business for that matter too) effective, affordable and profitable marketing is absolutely necessary especially in today’s cutthroat era of competition (seriously our Flint SEO company cannot stress that enough)!  

And as i’m sure you’re probably aware there are numerous ways to market to your target audience but which way is the best, most efficient marketing way (by best we mean most profitable)?

Let us give you a clue, 9 billion people use this marketing platform a day!  

Okay you probably guessed it by now…

But just in case you haven’t the answer is GOOGLE and more specifically, being in the top organic spots of Google for keywords relevant to what your target market is searching.  

Organic SEO can be one of the most profitable and scalable sources of qualified traffic because prospects are specifically searching out a solution that you offer (given that you are targeting the right keywords of course).   

Being able to selectively target the right buyer keywords potential prospects are searching and then having your company show up in the first search result will not only substantially increase your site’s traffic but even better lead to A LOT more sales.  Effective, done right SEO marketing will help give your company the competitive edge it needs to stay ahead of the others.  

I’m sure all of that probably sounds great to you but now to the part we have to break the less positive news…being at the top of Google is not as easy as you think (otherwise you would probably already be there and not reading this page…right)?

So when it comes to getting those precious top spots, there’s a very, very specific, unique algorithm that even other “so called” seo companies can’t get right.  So it’s absolutely imperative that you choose a reputable, seo company that can actually get you to the top of Google resulting in a huge ROI (at least ten times back what you invested) and not some company that will just take your money and run (leaving you high and dry, frustrated, and flat out broke).

And you’re in luck because our Flint SEO Company just so happens to fit the criteria of a reputable, proven result oriented seo company :)

But we know that’s easy for us to just say!  So please keep reading this page to find out the top 5 precise, specific reasons why our Flint SEO Company also known as Triple Your Traffic is the best seo company to get you to the very top of Google for more leads, sales, and ultimate business growth!

1. Proven White Hat techniques

Our Flint SEO Company has been in this industry for many years and we are well aware of the SEO tricks and techniques which will help you get the top positions in Google.  We know there’s a million plus different tricks and techniques when it comes to getting to the top spots of Google and want to make it crystal clear that we only use formulas that we’ve tested before and are proven to work before we use them to rank our clients’ website.  

Our Flint SEO Company’s proven ranking process involves three key main steps.  The first step is what we call, “keyword research.”  We will do thorough research to find the most popular, buyer, high volume keywords relevant to the business we want to rank.  We actually do this all upfront before we even work with the business because we want to make sure that there is an online market for the business aka enough search volume for the keywords we want to target (because what would be the point of targeting keywords with no traffic)!  

We also look at the competition of the keywords to make sure that they are actually doable to rank and not too expensive or out of reach (the competition of the keywords also affects the pricing so we need to know what we’re up against in order to accurately price the amount needed to get to the top.  (Just a side note here but if you’re interested, you can apply here to get your free keyword research showing you all the best high volume, buyer, not too competitive keywords by filling out the application on the bottom of this page).  

Like I mentioned there’s three main key ranking steps to our Flint SEO Company’s process that we won’t go over now but if you’re interested you can learn the other two main steps by checking out our YouTube video at the bottom of the page or by going here (

2. We Have A Team Solely Dedicated To Staying On Top Of The Latest Trends, Testing Them & Then Implementing Them If they Work

Another important thing I want to mention is our Flint SEO Company has a team dedicated solely to staying on top of all the latest Google trends and algorithm updates.  Our team of experts keeps detailed track of all the new changes and will make sure that your website is affected as needed in order to stay up to date with all of the latest algorithm changes or updates.

3. Crystal Clear Communication

At Traffic Your Traffic (aka the best Flint SEO company) – we make it one of our main priorities to ensure our customers are in the loop as to what’s going on with their SEO campaign.  We provide real time live reporting so our customers can see the work done being done real time and never feel lost or out of the loop.  

Our Flint SEO Company actually has a team dedicated solely to client communication as well – all of our clients have a personal client campaign communicator that they can email or call at anytime to ask questions on the campaign, etc and the client campaign communicator will also email monthly reports of the campaign progress as well.

4. Our Customer Service Is Top of The Line Kind Of Service

Our customers always come first and we will do anything to make sure that they are satisfied with our work. We respect all of our customers unique needs and are always open to suggestions, ideas, etc from our clients.

Our Flint SEO Company makes our seo plans customized based on each customer’s situation and needs and are always open to make any changes as needed.  We also make sure that any project deadlines set are completed within their set deadline (we know how precious time and money are and deliver quality work as quick as possible).   

5. Long Term Results Are The Only Type Of Results We Go After…

Here, at our Flint SEO Company, we believe in long term results. After we help you reach the top spots in Google’s search results, we will make sure that your website stays at the top.  

How we accomplish this is  by doing things principle based and not solely technique based (meaning giving Google everything they want and have always wanted – the best most relevant, popular, websites at the top). Thus, your investment in SEO will yield results for a long time to come.

So those are just a few of some of the main reasons why Triple your Traffic Flint is one of the best SEO companies to get your business to the top of Google to capitalize on more sales and the business growth you’ve been so badly waiting for.

So if you’re serious about growing your business using one of the most qualified, scalable and profitable traffic sources – get in touch with our Flint SEO company and schedule your free custom seo action plan meeting where we’ll do the first step (keyword research) of our three step process 100% free by going using the application below.

One of our Flint SEO company team members will find you all the best high volume, buyer keywords that are actually “rankable” and also tell you about all the other elements that need to be in place to get to the top of Google resulting in the business growth you deserve and have been so badly longing for!  

Don’t delay, get started capitalizing on all the business growth you’ve been missing by filling out the seo action plan meeting and keyword research form below and one of our Flint SEO Company team members will get back to you within one business day.

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"We are a very satisfied client of TYT. Our traffic has increased substantially as well as a significant increase in the quality of our leads. Their efforts have contributed to a 40% increase in our sales. Mike and his team have been great to work with...the bottom line is that TYT delivers results..."

Sukamal Goswami, President / DJG & Associates – Ocean City, MD

“TYT got me to the top spots for almost all of my keywords, especially the main ones. The increased traffic lead to more than tripling my business from it. They get the job done.”

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"This action plan showed me everything I needed to know about what’s involved to get to the top spots, the exact price it would cost, allowing me which SEO company to choose to actually get me the top spots for my target keywords so much easier."

Stacy Miller – CEO/IBH Industries – NY

"After working with TYT we’ve seen an increase in our revenue. Our customers tell us how they found our videos, watched them, and made them want to do business with us. TYT created and ranked those videos. Their methods work. TYT understands what our needs are and they are very easy to work with."

Steve Swanson – CEO / Swanson Tech – MI

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