How To Choose The Best SEO Company For Your Business

Special Report (Maryland)

Five Critical Factors To Choose A SEO Company That Will Actually Get You The Top Rankings In Google  (Plus Free Checklist Included)

Dear business owner,

We just want to say upfront that we can feel for you in your situation. In today’s world, where anyone can start an “Maryland SEO company” from their home, it can be VERY difficult to choose the best SEO company that can deliver on what they promise.

Literally every Maryland SEO company says “we will get you to the #1 spot” – right?

So it just doesn’t make sense… truth is, everyone can’t get to the #1 spot…. there are only so many #1 spots available in Google – so how do you tell which SEO companies are most likely/able to deliver on what that promise – and which ones cannot?

That way, you can have the right SEO company working for your business that truly delivers the ROI, increased business growth, and profit you want – and AVOID the SEO companies that will NOT get you any top spots in Google and will only waste your hard earned money along with a precious limited resource (your time).

So this a very important subject we are going to talk about today – right now.

We’ve compiled five simple factors for you to use to quickly and easily choose the best SEO company that will get you the top rankings resulting in the ROI you want.  Plus, we included a checklist at the end you can use when evaluating SEO companies to make the process super fast and easy.

The Five Factors Leading to A SEO Company That Really Generates #1 Rankings:

Let’s get right to it.

Factor #1: Strategy That Makes Sense to You

I’m not saying you have to put in 10,000+ hours to become SEO experts in the field like we have, I’m just saying, since this is an important LONG TERM marketing channel for your business, in our opinion, it is VERY important you know the overall strategy of how it works – and that it makes sense to you.

So the first question you want to have in your head (assuming the SEO company does in fact have and tell you their strategy) is, “Does this even make sense?

If it doesn’t make sense to you on any level, then trust your gut, and avoid that Maryland SEO company like you would a deadly plague.

We have a little inside secret we want to share with you which is we interview SEOs and SEO companies just to see what they say – market research you could say – and they they will say things like, “We will submit your site to article directories, forums, etc.

And we’re like, “That’s cool…. but isn’t that what everyone is doing, and can’t anyone can do it…?

They respond with an answer such as, “Nooo we are using white hat techniques.

And we then we politely say, “That didn’t answer my question at all, goodbye.

You see, before anyone becomes a selected client of TYT, we tell them about our strategy, clearly, in detail.

We tell them that our strategy involves 3 steps.

First, finding all the most likely to convert keywords with enough search volume that will get you a motivating  Return On Investment (ROI) on to what you pay to run the SEO campaign. If we can’t get a company a great ROI, we simply will NOT work with them.

We then talk about the next step, “On-Page Optimization.” We explain that Google always wants to rank the most relevant content, because that is what the users wants, and giving what the user wants leads to the user coming back and Google being able to sell more ads and everybody wins.

So we talk about the factors to tell Google your site is about the keywords/search phrase by putting the keyword in the title, the description, body of the content, etc.

We then go on to talk about the third and final step, “Off-Page Promotion.”

The truth is, now-a-days there is 1,000’s of “Relevant sites/pages about the same specific keywords (most people can get step #2 right and talk about the keywords …that’s pretty easy right?) – so how does Google know which relevant content to rank first? What to rank second? Etc.

The short and simple answer is Google wants to rank the best/popular content, That way, the user keeps coming back to Google, because Google is providing them with what they want: the most relevant and best answer.

But that just bring up the next QUESTION: How does Google know which is the best content?

ANSWER: The main criteria Google uses to determine what the best most popular content is are links.

Google knows that if the content is good, most naturally people will link to it. If the content is bad, most people will NOT link to it.

Just makes sense right? is a popular site, most sites have a link to facebook somewhere on it.

But here’s the thing: Google quickly realized everyone can make free web 2.0’s (wordpress, tumblr, livejournal, etc.) and article directory accounts, etc. for free.

Therefore, Google mainly de-values/stopped counting those free sites with links because – literally anyone can make them – and realized people were doing mass submissions to generate links – and Google didn’t want that.

So Google made a change.

As you may have heard the saying that is popular in the SEO community “google now counts more quality links than quantity.”

Sound great…. but what the heck do they mean by “quality”? It’s means authoritative – that other smaller or bigger authority sites link to that site/page.

Google knows that those links (true authority sites/pages) are much much harder to get links from, so they count them much much more.

I didn’t mean to get into this much detail into our strategy – because we explain it in much more clear and concise detail in our free SEO action plan, with visuals,  examples, etc. We even go into the exact  proven process to getting these top spots generating authoritative links (you can apply here <–to get this all 100% free whether we work together or not).

Then, we go into deeper aspects, such as, doing this all in a natural way – because not doing it in a supernatural way, can get your de-indexed/banned from Google and unfortunately a majority of unqualified SEO companies make that happen all too often…

Back to the point, overall we explain our quite simple SEO strategy- giving Google exactly what they want.

And we go into our whole repeated proven process to do this. And literally, we explain it all in details, with pictures, examples, etc. all in our free SEO Traffic-Getting Action Plan before anyone ever pays us a single penny..

On to the next one…

Factor #2: Undeniable Proof That The Strategy Works

Now, IF things are going well, you know the strategy the company is going to implement, now you just need to see and have undenial proof the strategy works. That it in fact does generate the increased rankings, traffic, and profit you want.

And we say “undeniable” for a reason. Not just because it’s a cool word 😉

“Undeniable” meaning can prove they got the top rankings without a shadow of doubt.

An interesting insight we had when interviewing SEO companies was that almost all companies said, “We ranked XXX keyword for #1 spot, here is the site XXX, if you Google that keyword, you will see the site.”

But that just left us thinking…  how do we know that person didn’t just Google any keyword and then pick the first site that shows up, and say, “Yep I ranked that site for that keyword.”

I’m all for trusting people but like Ronald Reagan says, “Trust but verify.” Contact that business and ask is “XXX SEO company really responsible for ranking your website for this keyword?”

Trust, but verify. Even if the strategy makes sense to you, you want to have some soft of proof that it works.

Now onto the next factor.

Factor #3: Exactly What You Are Getting

Now, if things are still going right, you know the overall strategy the SEO company uses, as best as you can and it seems to really work, but now it’s time to get into details – what EXACTLY are you getting and WHEN are you getting it?

Specifics, specific specifics!
What type of links will you be getting?

How many links of each type?

By what time frame will you get them?

One of the biggest concerns we hear business owners saying about the Maryland SEO company he or she is using is, “I have no idea what they are doing.

The business owner or person in charge of making sure things are happening just “assumes” the Maryland SEO company is doing stuff!

Again, we are all for trusting, but remember “trust but verify” – you just never know.

So it’s a really good idea to know exactly WHAT you are getting, by WHEN, what time frame, before you ever start the SEO campaign, so you know if the project is on track or not.

Us personally, within Triple Your Traffic (TYT), we tell all our potential clients exactly what type of links they will get, exactly how many of each, and when to expect it. That way when the time comes that we said we have these things done, our clients know exactly if they are getting it or not – there’s no maybe, guessing or anything.

100% clear, specific, measurable, what we will deliver, and exact date we will deliver it by.

Factor #4: Simple Easy Effective Reporting

Now (assuming things are still going as they should) you know the overall strategy, you know it’s been used and proven to work (and is still working) and you know exactly what you are getting and when – the next thing is HOW will you know you got it.

Again, the biggest concern with SEO companies is clients feeling “left in the dark” not knowing if progress is being made or not.

Maybe, just maybe, the SEO company will send their clients a monthly report, that is usually full of numbers and facts, in a complex, time-consuming to read and figure out way, all trying to make things sound good, or cover up the bad.

That is EXACTLY WHY WE why we do the exact opposite of the whole “complex, hard to ready, monthly reports” and do simple, easy quick reports live and monthly.

Here’s what we mean: For every client (even including our own business actually) we report on TWO main things:

  1. Key metrics
  2. Work done.

Key Metrics meaning the performance indicators that count, which are, the rankings (positions in Google), the traffic (number of visitors to the content) (traffic) and conversions (leads sales, or both).

Here’s an example of a Key Metrics Report we give:

key metrics sample from TYT SEO Triple Your Traffic SEO Company

You see how it says “page 1 of 1” down in the right hand corner? We do our very best to keep all key metrics to one page. So it’s simple and easy to read. You can plan as day see if there is positive progress or not. No guessing or leaving it up to your interpretation.

Now onto the other type of report we give “work done”.

Work done, as you probably guessed, is the work done (site content created, video created, links, etc.) that will effect the key metrics.

You see, there is a “lag time” in SEO, just like there is when turning the faucet from hot to cold, it doesn’t happen instantly..
Just like working out, if you check the scale daily, you won’t see much improvement at all. But if you track your progress of work done (in this case things like working out daily, eating right, etc.) you can be pretty certain that the key metrics (in this example losing weight/size) will improve.
So in the exact same way, it’s important to make sure the work is getting done that will lead to increasing the key metrics you want; rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Here’s an example of how our “Work Done Reports” look:

triple your traffic work done sample

Time Frames:

Now, like we stated most SEO companies do complex reporting on a monthly time frame – if even that.

Here at TYT, we think 30 days can be too long for some, which is why we set it up so all of our clients can see they Key Metrics and Work Done live if so desired.

Specifically meaning – at ANY TIME, our clients can (1) check the rankings of target keywords, traffic, conversions along with (2) the live progress of the work being done.

We actually do this by using Google spreadsheets. I’m sure you are familiar with. It’s just like excel – but on the “cloud” – and anyone can edit it from any location, and see the changes real time, with zero delays.

We give our clients’ links and explanation of how to see all of this whenever they want from day one.

Long story short; working with us, you will know if it’s working or not, the work promised is being done or not, we can’t fake this, we make ourselves very transparent and accountable so you know exactly what you are paying, and give you undeniable proof that it is working.

Factor #5: Crystal Clear Communication

This last one is integrated into all of the first four factors; does the SEO company you are evaluating explain the strategy in a way you understand and makes sense to you, do they explain exactly what you will get, and how to see the progress, etc.

The thing is, most likely you will be working “remotely” 1,000’s of miles away from the Maryland SEO company. For that reason, the communication has to be crystal clear – meaning you can understand what is being communicated.

Another aspect of communication (we take this as a given at this point but worth mentioning) is that it has to be timely. We have all our SEO ROI Project Managers/Client Communicators check for new emails from our clients 3 times a day; once in the morning, once in the middle of the day, and once at the end of the day, so we can reply as promptly as possible.

This also means timely communication on both side – yes you! :)

We get it, you are a busy business owner, we live in a world where there is just so much going on that it can be hard to reply.

That’s why we have a “Five Follow Up Rule.” We will continually to follow up minimum 5 times, every 2 to 3 business days until we get a response.

So if we need something from you, we will be crystal clear on what we need from you, why we need it, and will continue to follow up minimum 5 times until we get it – because we are serious about the success of your SEO campaign – so you truly do get more rankings, more traffic, and more business growth and money.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

You now just increased your knowledge and awareness how to choose an SEO company that will really work:

  1. You know on some level you need to understand the SEO Company’s strategy and at some level it makes sense to you.
  2. You have undenial proof that the strategy being used works.
  3. You know exactly WHAT you are getting and WHEN you are getting it.
  4. You know HOW you will know if you are getting it or not.
  5. You have a sense that the communication is high quality in a timely fashion between you and the SEO company.

You can use these five factors and checklist below to evaluate any SEO company you are thinking about working with.

Regardless of what you do, we highly recommend you use this checklist when evaluating any SEO Company, whether physically using it, or as a “mental checklist”

– to help you weed out and avoid the SEO companies that don’t produce and results and only waste your time

– and leave you with working with an Maryland SEO company that delivers you the first spots in Google for your target keywords, generating the increased traffic, that then results in a consistent stream of new customers, business growth, and profit for you.

Five Factors Checklist:

View, Print, and/or Download Your Copy:

click to downlaod checklist to evaluate SEO company


The Triple Your Traffic (TYT) Team

PS: If you couldn’t already tell… these five factors have been all architected into our entire SEO company (along with a lot of other little subtle details) to give you the very best experience of working with us – Triple Your Traffic – and most importantly, getting you the increased rankings, traffic, and money that you want.

We are assuming you are reading this report because you are looking to choose the best Maryland SEO company – we took years to perfect our SEO process to work most affordably and efficiently – years to architect and integrate an experience that you feel most comfortable in – all to give you the increased rankings, traffic, and money for your ultimate business growth in the short long term.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you fill out our application to get your Free Custom SEO Traffic-Getting Action Plan – where we’ll dive into exactly the best keywords for you, how much money you will make from the SEO campaign, our exact proven ranking formula process, you can ask us any questions live, and much more more – all 100% free regardless if we work together or not.