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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How much Money can I make from SEO?
How much you will make will depend on how much you want to invest, how many people are searching your target keywords and how much your average revenue per sale is. We use an “ROI Formula” to determine how much money you will make and it can be viewed on the “SEO detail page.”
Does TYT guarantee results?
We can’t guarantee any rankings because Google constantly changes the algorithm with over 200 ranking factors. While we are continuously keeping up to date with the changes, it still makes it so we can’t guarantee anything. In fact it is actually against Google policy for SEO companies or freelancers to guarantee rankings. With that said, that’s why we do not require any contracts up front. You will see rankings increase each month for the target keywords and be provided with daily reports/updates. We have never not ranked a client for their target keywords but still we cannot make any guarantees in this field.
Does TYT have contracts?
Nope no contracts, hidden fees or anything like that. We really feel we don’t need them because we provide so much value to our clients that they don’t want to leave. We have clients that have consistently been paying us thousands of dollars each month for years because the ROI is beyond worth it.
Does TYT give reporting and if so, what kind?
Yes we give in depth reports of key metrics like work done, keyword rankings, monthly visitors, leads, and sales, and the change from month to month. With that said, we also install software that you can log right into on your site and see the daily traffic, monthly traffic and your rankings in the search engines. screenshot-1
Will TYT share with me all changes you make to my site?
Yes we record and will share with you all changes that are made to your site. That way, if anything would go wrong, or if site is lost, we know exactly what we did. All site changes must always be approved by the companies contact unless otherwise stated.
How many links can we expect each month and the quality of those?
All of the links that we build for your site are on high quality sites (page rank greater than 1). Here’s a link below to the list of some of the sites we have (the reason why you don’t see rankings before March, is because we started with only 4 main keywords, then it evolved over time) here. On average you will get about 200 links per month. We will send you reports of all the links each month so you know we’re actually doing the work. A big portion of your SEO budget goes to writers that write the content and post the links. You’re also paying for spots on our high authority sites that we continually have been building up. We monitor the rankings and if they are going too slow we build more links becoming more aggressive with our approach. Because just like you we used to have bad luck with SEO services before we started doing our own SEO and became an SEO company. All the SEO companies we used would just send us link reports. That’s why we send link reports and ranking reports as well as how many links and a few other items depending on how fast rankings are occurring.
Does TYT have examples of accounts you have worked with that will show keyword growth tracking from the beginning of a campaign over a few months/years?
Here’s an example of a client we started in February 2014, this is one of the reports we send her each month. It shows how rankings have progressed each month. Feel free to search the keywords to verify rankings here. As a result of these rankings this business went from 0 rankings to top spots with over 40 keyword positions. Here’s a link below to a third party tool that shows positions and traffic amount for each keyword as well as the growth each month (this is not including YouTube videos positions either) SemRush.
I noticed TYT ranks a lot of YouTube videos along with client’s sites – are YouTube videos included in the price?
Yes we are interested in doing the main things that bring you more traffic and conversions, YouTube videos rank faster for quicker traffic and they convert extremely well. You don’t have to have them, but we highly recommend it. Yes, they are included in your price that a TYT representative will talk to you about. We can either create them for you, you can provide them, or a combination of both. All content of the videos must be approved by your company’s contact before recorded and uploaded.
What happens when we achieve 1st page rankings for our target Keywords?
Well now you have 2 options: #1: Sit back and profit. You deserve it. You can stop paying for SEO services. Or pay a smaller management fee for us to make sure you stay number one and continue to split test to turn more of that traffic, into even more customers. #2: Find more keywords and more ways to invest your money to make more money. From our experiences there’s always new ways to make more money and a business is never at a point where there’s no improvements to be made.
Will TYT be writing my content or will they work with existing content?
The answer is yes we will be writing content because content is critical to any SEO campaign. We use content for two reasons: #1: On site content: On site content is highly engaging content that is placed on the site made to be ranked in the search engines and turn visitors into leads and sales. If enough existing content exists on the site we can just change it slightly to fully optimize it for ranking purposes. All changes are approved by your company representative/contact first before changed. #2: Articles on other sites. We create 50 to 100’s of articles per month on client’s sites in order to promote their business and get links back to their site. TYT has many professional writers on staff that research your company and create high quality articles that are used to promote your business around the web and build lots of high quality back-links.
What does TYT know about the recent google algorithm updates?
We are very familiar with the Panda and Penguin updates, along with the other Google search algorithm updates. These include the Exact Match Domain update, 7 Result SERPs, DMCA Penalties, Link Warnings, the Knowledge Graph, and more. Here’s a list of all the Google Updates that each TYT SEO specialist is very knowledge about: .
How does TYT measure your success?
Your ROI objectives that are established in the beginning are met. This is done by ranking the target keywords. Then making sure that increased traffic turns into leads and sales.
Does TYT adhere to search engines
TYT strictly abides by Google’s publicly posted webmaster best practices, which specifically prohibits 12 common SEO tricks, including automatically generating spammy content and adding bogus hidden text and links. You can view Google Guidlines here
How will we communicate and how often?
The primary method we prefer is email so conversation can be easily referred to at future dates. This also allows each party to respond at their convenience. With that said, we also use Skype and phones to show and go over things live. How often depends, on average much more communication happens in the beginning of the SEO campaign and then we do not need to communicate as much. Clients can always contact us as many times as they like about any part of their SEO campaign.
Does TYT do Web design?
Yes, TYT also has a web design division. We specialize in making high end websites that are made to convert visitors into customers for very affordable prices. Just let a TYT representative know that your interested in web design so they can discuss what we can do for you.
Does TYT do social Media?
Nope. We do not.
Does TYT do PPC?
Yes, TYT also can handle PPC for you if you want to start using PPC in the beginning for faster results or to take over managing and improving existing campaigns. Just get ahold of a TYT representative and they will go over all the details with you.