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Top Shelby Township SEO Company Tells It Like It Is – Why They Are The Very Best Option To Get Your Site Ranked In The Top Spots In Google For More Traffic Leads And Sales – Quickly, Affordably, & Consistently

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Top Shelby Township SEO company with proven formula to get to the top spots in Google, in no time flat - for more traffic, leads, and sales, and ULTIMATE business growth

Triple Your Traffic is rated one of the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies in the WORLD, we even teach SEO to other SEO companies…

…so by far we are the very best shelby township SEO company, service, firm, agency – whatever you want to call us – bottom line is that we can get you top spots for your shelby township business, using our proven process that we’ve used on dozens of shelby township business to get them into the top spots.

So why use our SEO company and system VS other SEO providers?

That’s a great question.

I’d be asking the same thing!

I’ll give you five reasons why I think we (Triple Your Traffic, TYTSEO) are the best SEO company in shelby township (and even the world).


#1: Proven Track Record

We can prove that our Shelby Township SEO company has ranked dozens of Shelby Township businesses by using the same 3 step system, giving Google everything they want, so Google can’t help but rank the site in the top spots, when using this system.

We have dozens and dozens of testimonials from business owners just like yourself…


"We are a very satisfied client of TYT. Our traffic has increased substantially as well as a significant increase in the quality of our leads. Their efforts have contributed to a 40% increase in our sales. Mike and his team have been great to work with...the bottom line is that TYT delivers results..."

Sukamal Goswami, President / DJG & Associates – Ocean City, MD

“TYT got me to the top spots for almost all of my keywords, especially the main ones. The increased traffic lead to more than tripling my business from it. They get the job done.”

Steven Thompson –Thompson P.C. – MI

"This action plan showed me everything I needed to know about what’s involved to get to the top spots, the exact price it would cost, allowing me which SEO company to choose to actually get me the top spots for my target keywords so much easier."

Stacy Miller – CEO/IBH Industries – NY

"After working with TYT we’ve seen an increase in our revenue. Our customers tell us how they found our videos, watched them, and made them want to do business with us. TYT created and ranked those videos. Their methods work. TYT understands what our needs are and they are very easy to work with."

Steve Swanson – CEO / Swanson Tech – MI

See more testimonials with our Shelby Township SEO agency here.

And you can view case study examples in this video below:



Now continuing the reasons why we are the very best Shelby Township SEO Company

#2: More Than Just The Top Spots

We can actually get you MULTIPLE top spots. In our proven strategy we also rank a YouTube video.

We create and rank the Youtube video for our clients for 3 main reasons:

  • Increase conversions: Because some people like to watch, and some like to read – so having both ways will increase conversions to get more sales.
  • To get more traffic:  we can rank both the YouTube video and the site page for the same keywords to take up more positions and therefore get more people to click and view the content …leading to even more sales.
  • To rank faster:  since the video is hosted on, already has billions of backlinks and gets tens of thousands of links per day, we are piggybacking on YouTube’s authority and trustworth site and therefore can sometimes rank faster than the website.

Not to mention itself we can get traffic from since it’s the second largest search engine after


#3: Most Affordable

I wish SEO was free, I really do, but the truth is it takes a lot of hard cost and time. But with that said… one of the main reasons we “systemize” our process was to get it super efficient and most affordable as possible.

As one business owner to another, I don’t like more expenses, but the truth of the matter it cost money, but when using those funds towards the right SEO shelby township company the rewards can be amazing.

Waking up to high quality leads in your inbox is daily – or just straight sales if you don’t have to talk with the prospect first – all from the qualified traffic generated by the top spots

Not it’s important to not you must be in the actualy tops spots…

  • Studies show that about 33% of the people searching a keyword click the top spots
  • About 18% click the second spot
  • About 11% the third spot


And as you can see on the graph… it just keeps dropping off very quickly..


I mean how often do you go to the second page on Google, probably not that often right? …most people don’t – so being in the top spots is critical and where all the rewards are…

So that’s why we keep building high power authority backlinks until in the very top spot…

Which brings me to my third point to why we are the best Shelby Township SEO company…


#4: High Powered Quality Backlinks

Sadly, most SEO companies get crappy links, from spammy, cheap, snappy sites, and it usually never works, definitely not now with all the google updates, but it can even

So I’d highly recommend any Shelby Township SEO company you are thinking about using, make sure they can SHOW you what type of backlinks they use – just like we show all our potential customers, like we did in this newest video (you’ll see how we get this very powerful backlink instantly):



Now onto the “final” (for now) reason why we are the top Shelby Township SEO company…

#5: Live Reporting of Key Metrics & Work Done

With simple, fast, accurate reporting – we are basically flying a plane blind, which is not good and not going to lead to success…

That’s why we have a very specific reporting system and system, which includes two main types of reporting and two different time frames.

So there’s the key metrics reporting which reports on the main key metrics, which are positions for the target keywords, number of visitors/traffic to site, and increase in number of leads and/or sales.

We use key metrics to see and make sure campaign is being super profitable and progress of the key metrics being made over time…

And there’s the work done reporting which reports on all of the content made, site errors, all the 4 links types built, etc.

We use work done reporting to make sure all the critical elements are being executed and are happening as needed, to effect, and get to the top spots.

These example below are showing the monthly reports that we use and send to our clients as well, to zoom out to see the progress overtime


And as mentioned, our Shelby Township SEO Company use two different time frames, because we know reporting only at the end of each month, is still too slow of a time frame to monitor the work done and key metrics…

…that’s why we figured out a way and designed our reporting system to be able to INSTANTLY update anyone (specifically all our team members and clients) to be able to see the key metrics and work done REAL TIME.

For example: we use Google spreadsheets to post all the links as soon as we build them, what the URL link is, when it was done, by who, the anchor text type etc.


….that way you can look at this sheet whenever needed and have real time progress to see the work is actually getting done as promised – so you don’t have to wait till the end of the month – you’ll always be in the loop and know what’s going on.


And as a “bonus” reason why we are the best SEO agency in Shelby Township, MI…

#6: Great People, Great Communication

I can’t speak about most Shelby Township SEO companies with this one, sure there are some “bad apple” SEO companies, but regardless, we take pride in having integrity and trustworthy as our highest value.

We won’t take on a client that doesn’t have enough search volume to make the SEO camping worth it. We are upfront and be super clear exactly what we do, how we do it, exactly what you get, down to exact number of links each month, etc.


If those five reasons seem good enough for you to “take this further” then let me tell you the next step…

Which is to schedule a meeting with us live for what we call the

FREE SEO Traffic-Getting Action Plan Meeting:

This strategy session, allows us to fill in some of the missing details that we left out of site and videos due to the sake of time and privacy

And for us to create a custom plan based on specifically what you need, and what is needed to rank for your keywords in your market, (down to the exact number of links to outrank the competition),

This plan also includes the custom keyword research that we will do for you before hand, showing you the best high converting keywords that will most likely result in sales, how many people are searching those keywords, and a very close estimate of how much traffic, sales, and revenue that would generate, when in the top spots…

We will share this all with you LIVE 1-on-1, and for us to answer any questions you may have and interact live

…and during the meeting, we’ll give you more details on how we could do all the hard work for you, at a fraction of the time and cost it would take you or someone else to do it, since we have it all systematized and refined to be the most effective and affordable way of executing this system and making the top spots a reality, let you know exactly how much it would cost for you to rank for your keywords, how long it’d take, etc.

– and again, this is 100% FREE, absolutely no obligation to work together further or not…

So regardless, you’ll be one step closer by having the first major step done by having all the right keywords organized for you, and a detailed plan of exactly what needs to be done to get to the top spots, and all the other critical details you’d need to know.

So if interested in this free strategy session and custom plan including keyword research, absolutely free, then all you need to do is fill out the free seo action plan meeting form on our site RIGHT BELOW:

…it only 30 seconds to fill out the information we need to get started with the keyword research and custom plan.

On this page, just need to fill in your:

Name – so I know who you are

Email – so I know how to contact you

Phone – just in case email isn’t working (that’s optional)

Website – know what to analyze

Keywords – so I can have some sort of base to start from for keyword research (optional if you have)

Average revenue of a sale – so I can calculate and estimate what the increase in revenue would be by being in the top spots.

And if you can, how you heard about us, we like to know what working, which usually is YouTube or Google.

After you fill out thoes five critical pieces that are needed to get started…

->  hit the big button!!!

Once you fill that in, you can either choose a time to meet right away, or we will email you shortly to set up a time that’s convenient for you – and you’ll be on your path to more rankings, traffic, leads, sales and ultimate business growth in no time flat…

Absolutely Free SEO Traffic-Getting Action Plan & Quote


Or… if you want even more details about us and this system FIRST,

Then feel FREE to check out our “ROI Ranking System Video” (posted RIGHT BELOW):

This video is jam packed with details about the overall system in more details how we rank, how we work with the business owners, our reporting system we use to keep our clients in the loop …pricing, etc.


Now it is important to note, the free seo action plan meeting will cover everything in the ROI video and more… it’s really up to you, what you are most comfortable with at this time… watching more about how our Shelby Township SEO company ranks the content in the top spot and are overall system how we work with business owners – or meeting one-on-one to get the process started directly right away… it’s really up to you.

And I do want to quickly want to mention:

I can’t guarantee you that at the time you are viewing this that we are still accepting free SEO action plans meetings and taking on any new clients.

(BECAUSE we only take on helping so many businesses, to ensure everything happens as needed to get to the top spots for each person)

– so please look for “Accepting New Clients” on the top our site, to see if we are accepting any new clients at that time or if it says “closed” on it – you’ll have to get on the waiting list until we open up more spots…

Either way, NOW is the time to start planting your “SEO SEEDS”  and getting the critical elements in place to get in the top spot for your Shelby Township business.

…The top spots are only going to get more valuable and more competitive as even more people search on Google to purchase more products and services – so again, the time is to…


…to get in the top spots in Google for more qualified traffic, ready to buy leads, and sales generating you and your business huge revenue increase each month consistently…

Thank you for your time in considering us to be your Shelby Township SEO Company, and any way we can help, just let us know...

Triple Your Traffic Michigan 48317 (844) 506-4156

Note: we work with and rank companies in all 50 states in the United States, (Michigan, Maryland, Florida, New York, etc.) and all cities (Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Warren, Flint, Shelby Township etc.).